Locks-outs causing musicians to Rock-out

The infamous lockout laws have come under fire yet again, with many claiming that these laws are turning the once vibrant Sydney nightlife into a ghost-town. But what is the effect of the laws on the popularity of Sydney’s music venues and the artists that make a living performing at them?

With the imminent review of Sydney’s lockout laws, both sides of the debate have been taking to social media to voice their concerns. Many believe that the laws are a necessary evil to combat alcohol related violence, while others believe it damages Sydney’s nightlife more than it fixes violence. Many popular Sydney musicians, such as Alison Wonderland, have also vocalised their concerns regarding the longevity of the city’s’ cultural life under the effects of the laws.

But seemingly unheard in the debate is the voice of local venues and underground musicians who rely on Sydney’s vibrance to survive. Greg Nusinovitsch is the owner and operator of acclaimed Sydney underground music venue, the ‘Valve Bar’ and joined The Daily for more on this.

Producer: Max Lewis

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