Loose Legislation Poses Risk To Medication Access During Disasters

What would you do if you left your medication behind after fleeing a bushfire?

As 94 bush and grass fires continue to burn across NSW this could easily be a situation many people may find themselves in. Researchers are calling for a change in pharmacy legislation to allow pharmacists to better help their patients during a disaster.

A new study by Queensland University of Technology has found outdated laws are preventing pharmacists from providing timely, effective treatment to displaced people during disasters. 

One such restriction is the three day emergency supply rule, which allows patients without a prescription (in accordance with their state emergency supply provisions) to receive just a three day supply of medication. But is three days enough during a disaster? One expert says it should be extended to 30 days.

We were joined by that expert, Dr Kaitlyn Watson from Queensland University of Technology Faculty of Health School of Clinical Sciences.

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