Los Bitchos Chat Partying, Performing and Playing Glastonbury

Los Bitchos are known for their playful performances, and their ability to get a crowd moving with their infectious joy.

A combination of Turkish psych, disco funk, surf guitar and everything in between makes them a dynamic and exciting act to watch. Coming together from all around the world, the group all bring their own unique energy to the band, resulting in an eccentric and futuristic blend.

Evolving out of London, their 2022 album ‘Let The Festivities Begin’ perfectly sums up their energy and personalities. Their chemistry and contagious euphoria both on and off the stage are palpable.

While they were in town for SXSW, Los Bitchos came past the 2SER Studios to chat with Dream State Host, Jasmin Williams about their inspirations, favourite moments on tour and the fun-filled performances they have cultivated.

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