Lost Faith In Pop Music?

Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist Kat Hunter is no stranger to the musical world. A conclusion that anyone listening to God-Carrier the second full-length from Kat’s solo alias Lack The Low would immediately come to.
To a casual listener to there’s no argument of the abundance of talent that lies on the cosmetic surface of the record, and the perfectionists will get an even bigger kick out of it with it’s neo-classical tendencies seeping into every detail of this incredibly nuanced and structured album.

Sometimes spending nearly a year writing and crafting music, the songs on God-CarrierĀ are every bit whimsical as they are weighted. Carrying themselves with a majestic sense of purpose from the myriad of fluttering electronica, textural synth and analogue instruments that they are comprised of. All while woven together by Kat’s tidal voice – pulling you in for a colourful and celestial journey.

Kat took some time out to have a chat on The Band Next Door on 2SER about her beginnings in music, some of the apprehensions that come with writing lyrics and putting pressure on herself to get things to the finish line.

Lack The Low’s God-Carrier is out now on Art As Catharsis

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