Love is in the Air at Surry Hills’ Golden Age Cinema

With its art deco façade, velvet upholstery, and stylish, David Lynch-inspired bar, Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills is a thriving hub for lovers of cinema.

Besides the timeless cinema itself, what’s projected upon the screen is no less impressive. While new releases screen regularly, every month Golden Age Cinema and Bar program the best that cinema has to offer in the form of ‘film series’ centred around actors, directors, writers, and even entire genres of film.

From colourful musicals to Hitchcock thrillers, this month’s Love Is the Drug film series is due to run from the 10th of September onwards; followed by a design-related film series and a celebration of iconic thrillers. Film Series at Golden Age Cinema and Bar

Join Felix Shannon of Tuesday Drive as he discusses this month’s romantic retrospective with Jess Ellicott, Program & Content Manager at Surry Hills’ Golden Age Cinema and Bar!

“From spotlights on cinematic icons to idyllic locations and eras of cultural change, our Film Series are designed to surprise, delight and connect-the-dots. Think of this as your personalised guide to our cinema program so that you can get a bigger picture; if you look close enough some of the films are talking to each other.”

“Originally constructed in 1940 and utilised as the home of Paramount Pictures in Sydney until the 1970s, the theatrette’s patronage changed dramatically over the decades from local exhibitors and film executives to sharp-tongued critics and welcomed in servicemen and women to view newsreels during World War II.”

“Recalling the sublime indulgence of classic Hollywood but deeply invested in a future vision of a moviegoing culture that invites new cinematic voices to speak, our cinema and bar provide an intimate and inclusive social experience like no other.” About Golden Age Cinema and Bar

“From swooning romances to complicated crushes, meet cutes to diabolical dates, fall in love with us this spring as we traverse decades of devotion on screen. Featuring MGM musicals and Wong Kar-wai wonders, Old Hollywood classics and more cynical modern musings, our Love Is the Drug series is a heart-stirring showcase of strong feelings and deep desires” Love Is The Drug Film Series at Golden Age Cinema and Bar


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An American in Paris Dir. Vincente Minnelli tickets

Before Sunrise Dir. Richard Linklater tickets

Before Sunset Dir. Richard Linklater tickets

Casablanca Dir. Michael Curtiz tickets

Chungking Express Dir. Wong Kar-Wai tickets

Desert Hearts Dir. Donna Deitch tickets

In the Mood for Love Dir. Wong Kar-Wai tickets

Jackie Brown Dir. Quentin Tarantino tickets

Modern Romance Dir. Albert Brooks tickets

North by Northwest Dir. Alfred Hitchcock tickets

Punch-Drunk Love Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson tickets

Singin’ in the Rain Dir. Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly tickets

Some Like It Hot Dir. Billy Wilder tickets

The Band Wagon Dir. Vincente Minnelli tickets

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Wings of Desire Dir. Wim Wenders tickets


Featured Image sourced from Golden Age Cinema and Bar