Do We Over Reward Luck?

On this episode of Think Business Futures, Nicole and David speak with Professor Lionel Page about over rewarding luck in business, law and on the sporting field.

Plus, Sports Analyst, Darren O’Shaughnessy explains how data is used for useful decision making and for propaganda in the AFL. 

Further Reading:

  • You can read more of Lionel’s work on the UTS website or on Twitter.
  • Darren O’Shaughnessy is a sports analyst for St Kilda Football Club. He can be found crunching and analysing the numbers on Twitter.
  • For more information on performance randomness, David recommends reading Nassim Talib’s book, Fooled by Randomness

Music: Alan Ellis, Lotus, In Dawn, Lotus and Rand Aldo (Epidemic Sound)

Photo: Jannes Glas (Unsplash)

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