Macquarie Sunday Session June 16th

Macquarie University students bring you the final show of the Macquarie Sunday Sessions!

Ed and Hamish will kick off the first half of show. Hamish asks the question, What does it mean to be Australian? Ed has a follow up space story from previous weeks, entitled Bishop: A prydeful encounter. Producer Nick will bring you a piece on young Australians in politics.

Naomi will take over after the boys, with an interview with a band you won’t want to miss. Mikayla has got a story about a group of ladies helping young ones look fabulous on stage and then Tom wants to let you know what tinnitus is and how you might be able to prevent it.

Macquarie Sunday Sessions are broadcast on Sunday nights at 7 pm from the 5th of May 2019 until June 16th 2019.

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