Macquarie Sunday Session June 2nd 2019

Brought to you by the students from Macquarie University, this is the Macquarie Sunday Sessions with Jason, Dave and Alex! Jason and Dave will take you through the first half, where Dave interviews a cake baker who made her career after following a couple of YouTube tutorials! Em will tell you about a very special friend of hers, while Jason asks, what was ‘the incident’ at your school?

Alex will jump in for the rest of the show, with a live interview about how the internet has changed free speech. Jo will be bringing you his thoughts about the new interactive Harry Potter game, which is the franchise’s answer to Pok√®mon GO. Finally, Nick will bring you a threefold review on Tame Impala’s new track, while also seeking to answer something none of us have told you yet… what is a Sunday Session?

Macquarie Sunday Sessions are broadcast on Sunday nights at 7 pm from the 5th of May 2019 until June 16th 2019.

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