Macquarie Sunday Session May 17th, 2020

This week on Macquarie Sunday Sessions we explore some extremely interesting topics. Tune in from 6pm – 9pm to join Mathew Failla as he investigates what kind of bond a human can have with a horse and Daniel Roberts as he explores what it takes for someone with autism to accomplish gold at the Special Olympics. Jack Madigan will take you on a journey though time and sound as he not only jumps into his wardrobe time-machine in his whacky World War 1 sketch, but takes you through these interesting topics and more.

And in the second half, have you ever wondered what the most sampled audio is? Or what the Covid-19 pandemic has been like for musicians? Well if you have, this edition of the Macquarie Sunday Sessions will answer all the questions you’ve always asked yourself with a spicy hint of conspiracy thrown in at no extra charge. Lochie Schuster caught up with frontman of Melbourne band Bakers Eddy to find out how isolation has changed their lifestyle, Georgia Angelini offers a lighthearted “fly on the wall” view of the moon landing, while Eamon Leighton will guide you through the world of music sampling and introduce you to some sweet, sweet, music.

The Macquarie Sunday Sessions are produced, panelled and presented by the students of Macquarie University’s MMCC3037 Radio and Podcast: The ‘On Air’ Career class, airing 6pm – 9pm Sunday evenings through the second half of Semester One, 2020. (May 10th – June 21st).

Turn On, Tune In, Sesh Out.

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