Macquarie Sunday Session May 31st, 2020

Macquarie Sunday Sessions are back, and this time…it’s critical. Join Maggy as she takes us through this week’s deep dives into film and music. First, have a look at the ways glam rock star David Bowie paved the way for the future of genderqueer music. Then, Maggy takes a closer look at the iconic Tiger King, and how Joe Exotic may not be all that the show has cracked him up to be… And then, Michael’s dive into the ambiguous world of genre-bending.

In the second half of tonight’s session, you’ll be hearing from Matthew Failla!… He will be sharing with you some great audio pieces we’ve all been working on. Tonight’s stories will feature the extremely competitive industry surrounding professional sports, whether there’s an algorithm to online success and finally an interview and new track from the rural indie artist Fio. – But it doesn’t stop there. Matt will also be discussing some highly relevant topics surrounding our world today. He’ll be talking about a game that lets you play as a global disease like Covid-19, as well as how the Australian screen industry is being affected by the current global pandemic.

The Macquarie Sunday Sessions are produced, panelled and presented by the students of Macquarie University’s MMCC3037 Radio and Podcast: The ‘On Air’ Career class, airing 6pm – 9pm Sunday evenings through the second half of Semester One, 2020. (May 10th – June 21st).

Turn On, Tune In, Sesh Out.

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