Macquarie Sunday Session with Georgia, Suraya and Alexander

Macquarie university students brings you Macquarie Sunday sessions where students  of MMCC3037 Radio and Podcast: The ‘On Air’ Career get to take over 2SER on your Sunday morning between April 25th to May 30. In this podcast, you’ll get to hear the shows built by presenter and producer’s Suraya Newell, Alec Green and Georgia Langley.


Join our presenter and panel operator Suraya Newell. What are you in store for? Hear stories on Monkey see, Monkey do by Alec Green, Maintaining Connections by Suraya Newell and Life After High School by Georgia Langley.

Meet our presenter:

Suraya Newell is a third-year student at Macquarie studying a double degree in the Bachelor of Arts (Radio, Digital Audio and Broadcasting Production) and Bachelor of Science (Chemical and Biomolecular Science). She loves her radio units and hopes to pursue a career in science communication. She is always looking for stories that make listeners think and allow different perspectives to be voiced.  Go online at 2SER Macquarie Sunday sessions to check out her content.


45min -1hr 30min

Alec Green brings you this next 45 minutes where you’ll find stories about turning points in your life as well as something to make you laugh. On top of this we bring you music from across waters and genres to keep your Sunday morning rolling as you soak up the rest of your weekend.


Our Stories:


What does it mean to you?- Produced by Suraya Newell

Have you lost your voice? How annoying was that?? But what is it like for a singer who has a ticking time bomb in their throat who could make them lose their voice and livelihood at any moment. Producer Suraya Newell talks to singer Veronica Lawson about just that.


Dad Jokes- Produced by Georgia Langley

We all love them and hate them at the same time! Dad jokes are an iconic part of being a dad but what makes them so great. Producer Georgia Langley talks to the expert on dad jokes in her life.. Her dad.


Cyber Security- Produced by Alec Green

Forgetting a password can ruin your day, and it’s not the forgetting part that makes it the worst, it’s the trying to prove your identity to your computer that can push you into insanity. Producer Alec Green tells an all too familiar story.


Our Presenter:

Alec Green is a 4th year student at Macquarie University studying Arts Industries and Management and Radio Broadcasting. As a lover of learning he often finds himself researching and discovering a variety of topics including some of which appear in the show. Having a background in Musical theatre and the performing arts Alec stumbled into a radio unit after doing a vocal studies unit and has not looked back! He wishes to continue in Radio once he has finished his degree and become a Radio Producer.

Check out some of the show’s he’s worked on at


1hr 30min- 2hr 15min

We are ending up the penultimate week of the Macquarie Student Take-over on 2ser where you’ll be joining Georgia Langley for some great music, and a good old chat. Georgia is going to be taking us through the first ever interview of a young local indie band, an exploration of the link between sound and memory with Suraya and the debunking of some animal myths with Alec.

If you want to know answers to the big questions in life like why don’t aussies like the cold? Or What does your choice of dog breed say about you? Then you won’t want to miss this episode with Georgia on the 2ser Macquarie Student Take over.


Our Presenter:

Georgia Langley is a second-year Macquarie University student completing her Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Interactive Design, and Radio and Podcasting. She is loving her Radio and Interactive design units as she has always been someone who like messing around and creating things on a computer. Visit the 2SER Macquarie Sunday Sessions website to view the show’s Georgia has worked on.

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