Macquarie Sunday Sessions with Aaron, Bridie and Jared Jen Wei

The Macquarie Sunday Sessions are back again. Over this 3 hour block you’re going to be
hearing some tunes hand-picked by Aaron Moss, Bridie McDermott and Jared Loi.

Aaron’s going to be kicking off the show with 45 minutes of some of his favourite new
tunes. In between Aaron’s going to be exploring the use of smart phone applications in
online sex work. How Declan Mehrtens of Punk rock band Amyl and the sniffers handled
going from touring the world to life in lock down in Melbourne. And How some residents of
Sydney’s public housing system are falling through the cracks when it comes to safety.

But that’s not all, Bridie’s with you for the second hour of the show where she shares music
from some of her favourite Indie-Pop bands. But not only that, Bridie is going to explore the
fears surrounding deep fake technology and how it’s threatening our very own identity!
Then, if you’re a huge 90s fan, get the inside scope about what it was like working on
Dawson’s Creek, the cult classic show that defined a generation. And on a whole different
note, hear an astrophysicist’s perspective on the age-old question: Can alien life and UFO’s
really exist?

And finally, Jared is going to be looking at the world of digital photography, the hurdles a
student has had to overcome to achieve permanent residency in Australia and the struggles
an unsigned musician faces when starting out in the industry.

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