Madeleine St John’s A Pure Clear Light

A Pure Clear Light, from Madeleine St John is the feature of our May Australian Classics Book Club.

Australian Classics Book Club

The Australian Classics Book Club is a monthly exploration of Australian writing; who we are, or perhaps aren’t, and what makes us tick. Each episode features a panel of authors, editors, publishers and critics. It’s a great way to look back and discover great Australian Writing.

Madeleine St John’s A Pure Clear Light

Madeleine St John’s first novel The Women in Black was published in 1993. St John is the author of four books with her thrid novel, The Essence of the Thing nominated for the Booker Prize. She was the first Australian Woman to receive this honour.

A Pure Clear Light  is an incisive portrait of a marriage at the moment it goes haplessly off track. It is nineteen-nineties in London and St John invites us into the home of the Beaufort’s; Simon has recently begun an affair, while Flora is flirting with a return to religion…

Today’s Book Club features Alaina Gougoulis, senior editor at Text Publishing and Rosalie Ham, author of The Dressmaker and The Year of the Farmer in conversation with Andrew Pople.

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