Magazines in Australia – what is the future?

Where do you get your celebrity gossip, your news stories, gadget reviews or even fashion ideas from? Have print media, specifically magazines become just something to flip through in the hairdresser or do they still hold a significant place in our society today? In the past year magazines such as Zoo Weekly, TopGear Australia and Cleo Magazine have closed their doors while many of those that hang on have dropped in circulation levels significantly.

Consumers now have access to a luxurious range of free sites and apps producing journalism, facts and entertainment of comparable quality to that of their printed counterparts. So does this mean the end of print media in Australia or does it just mean the industry needs a kick in the bum and to learn to adapt? Doctor Sandra Symons is an award winning writer and editor as well as being a lecturer at UTS. Sandra Joined us on the line to talk more about the future of our magazine industry.

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