Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz Part One

We discuss Parts 1-4 of ‘Magpie Murders‘ by Anthony Horowitz, with Andrew Pople from 2SER’s ‘Final Draft‘ in the hotseat. A murder occurs in Saxby-on-Avon, and detective Atticus Pund refuses the call. A second murder occurs in Saxby-on-Avon, and Atticus Pund answers the call, only to find a history of death and deceit in the small town. Above all this, an unnamed editor warns us that Alan Conway’s ‘Magpie Murders’, featuring Atticus Pund, changed their life. Can Andrew Pople unravel reality in time?
We’re also joined by Dr. Lucy Andrew and Dr. Samuel Saunders to talk about their new ‘Study in Sidekicks‘, an academic exploration of the real heroes of detective fiction and beyond. Who are the sidekicks, how have they evolved, and what do they do for us?
Check out Part Two and Part Three here!

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