New doco captures MAMILs in their native habitat

The “MAMIL” (Middle Aged Man in Lycra) is an increasingly common breed on Australian roads, often found riding in packs or sipping macchiatos at the local cafe. It’s a growing global subculture that’s attracted the attention of local filmmakers Nickolas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe.

Their new doco “MAMIL” delves into the world of middle-aged male cycling obsessives, sharing their stories of physical transformation and mental recovery.  For many MAMILs, the camaraderie of group cycling has helped them to rediscover fun, purpose and stability in their lives.

For the wives and partners of MAMILs however, cycling can be a source of anxiety, as bicycle groups venture out onto highways and encounter the occasional dangerous driver. 

MAMIL is currently screening in select cinemas across the country, including three locations here in Sydney (Event Cinemas Top Ryde – March 1, 8:30pm; Event Cinemas Cronulla – March 8, 6:30pm; Hoyts Cinema Paris, Moore Park – March 12, 9:00pm).

For more info and to book a ticket, visit the MAMIL website.

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