Manyana Last Push for Paradise

The Manyana Matters campaign first came on our radar in July 2020. The fires that ravaged the South Coast last summer decimated the natural habitat for our wildlife. In Manyana, one patch of land was saved with the local firefighters literally putting their lives on the line to stop the fire from taking it. 

The land was set aside for development before the fires went through. Post the horrific summer it’s the one piece of land in the area that survived. Until now. It is set to be lost to a 182 site housing development.

Manyana needs our help, and this morning 2SER Breakfast Host Willy Russo spoke with local artist and activist Lara Merrett to hear more about it. 

If you agree that the proposed building project at Manyana must not go ahead, please write to and – VERY IMPORTANTLY – cc with ‘Manyana Submission’ in the subject line by COB 16 July 2021. Let them know how you feel about this destruction and its impact on both wildlife and people.

More information about the campaign can be found on the Manyana Matters Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Photo: Supplied (Manyana Matters Instagram)

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