Marketing Executive Confesses: “Working For Her Was The Equivalent of Stabbing Yourself.”

Fireworks exploded when the Managing Director at an elite marketing firm discovered a ruler in her office was missing. She ordered a CCTV investigation into the “disappearance” of a broken ruler worth 50 cents and asked Stephanie, the senior Marketing Executive to formally lodge a missing items report in the company database. 

“Can’t we just buy a new ruler?” Stephanie asked.

“No, we need to show the employees that even a ruler that goes missing will spark an investigation,” the Managing Director responded.

Welcome to the real life (yes, this isn’t a parody) workplace from hell, where rationality and legality have flown out the window. The Managing Partner demands staff work 3 hours overtime for free (everyday) and forces the entire office to bow when they see her and call her “director” in French. Another bizarre requirement? She expects employees to control the durability of inanimate objects (yup, it’s as puzzling as it sounds). And if you score a job at her company as a financial analyst? Your main role is turning the air conditioning up and down. 



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