Meaningful Conversations with Strangers

Free Intelligent Conversation (FreeIC) is a non-profit organisation that facilitates engaging conversations between strangers in public places. Their objectives are to break down social barriers, make the world a better place and learn more about themselves. More objectives include: celebrate each other’s differences, create places where you can talk about anything, and encourage meaningful face-to-face conversation. 

Bryce spoke to Andrew from Free Intelligent Conversation about what people can expect from a “free intelligent conversation” interaction, whether there can be an “unintelligent conversation”, and what their goals are going forward.

On the 23rd of December they will be hosting the event “Meaningful Conversations with Strangers” in Hyde Park. This event aims to promote engaging in meaningful conversations with people you don’t know, to better understand the world around us and encourage everyday face-to-face interactions. To find out more about the organisation check out their website, and for more on the event go to the Facebook page.

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