Meg Mundell’s The Trespassers

Today’s episode features Meg Mundell discussing her new novel The Trespassers.

Meg Mundell

Meg is a writer and academic. Her debut novel Black Glass garnered much acclaim and was short listed for an Aurelius award.

The Trespassers

The Trespassers is near future, speculative fiction that exposes our world on the brink of collapse.

From across the UK people jealously guard their clean bill of health in order to leave England’s shores in search of work in Australia. As passengers board The Steadfast, protesters line the docks denouncing the men, women and children as traitors for abandoning the infected country. On board the ship the passengers settle in for the month long journey to Australia; dreaming of the possibility that awaits them in this new and healthy land. 

The journey proceeds with interminable regularity until a crew member is found murdered in the early dawn. The only witness is a young boy silenced by fear… 

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