Microdosing Your Way Towards Good Mental Health?

30 years ago, if you were to mention use of psychedelic substances, you’d be laughed off as a hippie or a junkee, but as modern science dives deeper into the study of psychedelic compounds, we’re learning more about the positive capabilities of these medicines.

The trend of microdosing is rising rapidly around the world, as more people are discovering the positive effects of these drugs in small, non-psychedelic doses.

As more scientific studies are released each day about the effects of psychedelic substances on the mind, its important to make sense of these, and not dive straight into self-medication until you know the risks.

We chatted to Dr. Vince Polito, a doctorate in cognitive science at Macquarie University about his recent research on microdosing, and the exciting world of psychedelic science

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