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Episode 169

With the ever-present threat of climate change looming, and the increasing severity of natural disasters it will bring, concerns on the reliability of Australia’s regional power grid during times of crisis. Due to Australia’s low population density particularly in rural and regional communities, electricity travels great distances from power stations to these communities. This makes them particularly vulnerable to failure during natural disasters, cutting off residents’ access to basic necessities and hindering rescue efforts.

Research into microgrids shows promising results that the implementation of small, local electricity grids powered using renewables can provide a stable source of electricity when mainlines fail during times of crisis.

Producer Cameron M. Furlong spoke with Dr. Sarah Niklas, Senior Research Consultant at the University of Technology Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures, on the viability and implementation of microgrids both during natural disasters and in every day life.


Featuring: Dr. Sarah Niklas; Senior Research Consultant at the Institute for Sustainable Futures University of Technology Sydney.

 Music: Web Building Serge Quadrado, LASERS Porto



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