More Civil Societies with Eva Cox: Same Sex Marriage Plebiscite

The Australian Electoral Commission recently reported almost half a million enrollment checks and updates have occurred over the past couple weeks in the lead up to the same sex marriage postal survey next month.

On this week’s episode of More Civil Societies, Eva Cox explores why a postal survey isn’t the most effective method of getting a representative result. Eva says that marketing research companies recognise that a postal method is an old method with low return rates – between 10 to 30 per cent return. About 250,000 young people weren’t on the roll at the last election, and Eva argues that employing an old research method means that young people are unlikely to participate.

Eva urges that “if you’re not on the roll, make sure you are. If you’ve moved, make sure you’ve changed your address – and vote … and hopefully we’ll get back to some sort of democratic good sense.”

You have until tomorrow (August 24) to enroll or update and check your enrollment details at the Australian Electoral Commission website, in order to be eligible to participate in the postal plebiscite.

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