‘Bully’ Morrison was Like ‘Menacing, Controlling Wallpaper’.

The workplace culture in Parliament house has never been a hotter topic of conversation in Australia than in the last six months, sparked by allegations of rape brought forth by a former Coalition staffer Brittany Higgins. Adding fuel to the fire is a new memoir by former Liberal MP, Julia Banks.

Power Play: Breaking Through Bias, Barriers and Boys’ Clubs, paints a startling portrait of the political culture that persists within Parliament House.
Banks, the only Liberal MP to win a seat from Labor at the 2016 election, ended up quitting the party after the Morrison leadership spill, sitting briefly as an independent until the subsequent federal election in 2019.

She alleges that she was inappropriately touched by an unnamed cabinet minister at Parliament House, which she calls ‘the most unsafe workplace in the country’, and says that Prime Minister Scott Morrison bullied her upon her decision to step down.

Ms Banks joined 2ser’s Tina Quinn on ‘The Daily’.

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