Moses Sumney leaves us both enlightened and empty on Aromanticism

We’ve got a great week of music ahead, ‘SERvin up the best new local and international albums:

Moses Sumney – Aromanticism (Feature Album)

Rostam – Half Light

Omni – Multi-Task

The Lemon Twigs – Brothers of Destruction EP

Vritra – Hal

Ibeyi – Ash

Danny Watts – Black Boy Meets World

Two Steps On The Water – Sword Songs

Noire – Some Kind of Blue

Full Flower Moon Band – Chinatown Album

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Superscope

PLUS singles from Bully, Dream Wife, Christopher Port, Angel Olsen, The Tall Grass, Jonti, Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett, Julia Jacklin, Exhibitionist, and Havana Meets Kingston.



A collection of previously unreleased material, Brothers of Destruction was written and recorded by the D’Addario brothers – Brian (20) and Michael (18) aka the Lemon Twigs, on their 8-track at home in New York during 2015, not long after recording their debut album, Do Hollywood. The prodigiously talented brothers have been playing rock music since they were old enough to walk and talk, mastering every instrument they could get their hands on and playing everything together, and mining inspiration from every era of rock.



Hal shares its name with the sentient onboard computing system of Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film 2001: A Space Oddysey. It’s Vritra’s first solo project since last year’s Yellowing LP. Since his 2012 debut album, Pyramid, the Long Beach native rapper and producer has shared a torrent of projects, both long-form solo ventures and collaborative extended plays, that straddle the line between avant-rap and deeply-conceptual sound experiments.

Atlanta, Georgia trio Omni charged out of the gate in 2016, stunning everyone within earshot with their debut LP, “Deluxe”; a dizzyingly refreshing amalgam of wiry post-punk jitters & a dash of zen. Guitarist Frankie Broyles (who used to play in Deerhunter) & bassist/vocalist Philip Frobos crafted “Deluxe”s eleven tracks in their practice space. “Multi-task” is a musically adventurous step forward for the band, keeping the frantic, fleet-fingered fingerpicking of Broyles’ guitar work & Frobos’ dead-cool delivery while expanding their musical palette to include whispers of post-Roxy glam & Postcard Records pop.


Have a great weekend!


Daniel Ahern


Acting Music Director

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