Musical Robots

Ya like robo-jazz?



  • Dr. Richard Savery: Macquarie University Research Fellow (MQRF), Department of Media, Communications, Creative Arts, Language and Literature


Produced and Presented by: Cameron M. Furlong



  • Shimon Aarhus perf. Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Shimon (provided by Dr. Richard Savery)
  • Faster Does It Kevin McLeod


As AI becomes more advanced and nuanced, it is inevitable that we see it entering the arts. After my conversation with Dr. Sara Oscar, I was curious to descend further down the rabbit hole of artificial creativity. Being a musician, there was no better way to challenge my beliefs of what is or isn’t “music” than by exploring robot musicians. But it isn’t just techno sounds and glitch, Dr. Richard Savery’s robot musician Shimon can rap, sing, and play the marimba in a band.


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