Music for Beaches

Music for Beaches is a reflection of a lifelong love of music. A passion formed at an early age, then grown, refined, tweaked, and twisted via the clubs, parties, gigs, festivals, radio shows, friends and other musical experiences on a never ending search for the perfect record.

This passion has led to Music for Beaches, it's my way of sharing my love for beautiful of music, in all its forms.

Music for Beaches... mostly chilled-out, mostly electronic, sometimes Balearic, but always beautiful music for chilled souls.

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Sundays at 8pm
  • Dave Howell


Music for Beaches :: 8:00pm 18th Feb 2024

In this episode of Music for Beaches we journey around the world selecting only the finest tunes for your listening pleasure. We visit the UK, Poland, Germany, Denmark, and Italy before returning to Australia for a well earned rest... Read More

Music for Beaches :: 8:00pm 11th Feb 2024

More weird, wonky and beautiful music from Music for Beaches... In this episode Bleaching Agent, Richard Norris, GFH, Ptaki, SONLIFE, Lexx, and others take us on a journey to the stars and back again. Come on in and catch the cosmic grooves served warm and funky by Dave Howell. Read More