My Son’s a serial killer!

LIE WITH ME is a stage show that looks at the mothers of serial killers.

Writer Liz Hobart joins Stages to discuss her show.

Will I be forgiven for the sins I didn’t commit, but created?

– Mrs Dahmer, a poem by Sierra Mulder

LIE WITH ME i​ s a new production from writer Liz Hobart (Snap Season, Intersection 2018: Chrysalis), director/co-creator
Warwick Doddrell (Stupid Fucking Bird) and Brave New Word Theatre Company (Asylum, Big Crow, Resolution)
A mother watches on TV as her son is arrested for the murder of three young men​, their bodies discovered in his
apartment. Her friends text their support but always had their doubts, while her weatherman ex-husband becomes a media
sensation in the aftermath of the televised tragedy. What follows is a kaleidoscopic journey of investigation into a
mother’s past and future.
With her life suddenly thrust under the microscope, LIE WITH ME​ is a mother’s desperate attempt to survive in a world
that names her the Mother of a Monster​. Combining dynamic physical and visual storytelling, the show creates an
intimate portrait of a woman facing the greatest crisis a mother can face. LIE WITH ME is a visceral, honest work exploring the
limits of the human heart.
Brave New Word is a Sydney based theatre company, dedicated to new writing. We’re proud to support emerging artists and to
present this semi-devised work from Liz Hobart and director Warwick Doddrell with an all female cast headlined by Lyn
Pierse​. L​ ie with Me is an exciting new extension of our process, bringing a physical, actor and design led approach to the
creation of new Australian work.
“Lie With Me explores the public demonising of a mother figure for giving life to an evil man. The show places one woman’s
story under the microscope​ – the sensitivity, devotion and doubts of every motherhood thrust into a murder media storm.
No memory is safe.”- Liz Hobart
“Inspired by the devised process of Lepage and Mcburney​, we’ve worked with a brilliant group of actors,
improvising scenarios, characters and imagery to bring the vast question of the piece to life. That improvised material has
been whittled down into an epic, non-linear structure emphasising physical and visual storytelling​ that allows us to
plunge the audience into the mother’s perspective. Design has also been involved from early in the process to explore a truly
integrated theatrical experience” – Warwick Doddrell

Tuesday 2nd of October, 2018

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