Need for Increased Mental Health Support for Year 12 Students

The stress and demanding pressures students face in the lead-up to the HSC is draining enough as is without factoring in the amount of disruptions they’ve faced throughout this pandemic. With the NSW Department of Education extending the study period of the HSC, it feels like there’s no clear sight of a finish line for the class of 2021. On top of that, formal and graduation ceremonies seem out of the picture; something most students eagerly anticipate as their final celebration to years of hard work and stress. This year’s graduates have truly suffered both academically and socially as a result of online learning and lockdown restrictions.

So how are students expected to cope? The impact of the HSC on students’ mental health has been an ongoing concern, but coupled with the stress of the pandemic, the need for mental health support is more critical than ever. Caroline Hunt, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Sydney, joined the Thursday Daily to discuss the issue.

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