NeuralDX: Cracking the Code of Mental Health

A new language for mental health?
One in five Australians suffer from a mental health disorder, and the impact of misdiagnosis has a trickle-down effect to our economy. KPMG has estimated that poor mental health in the workplace cost Australian business 12.8 billion alone,  and at this rate those number are only increasing

The reason? Put simply, unlike an ECG for the heart, there is no machine currently able ‘look inside’ a brain.

However, a Melbourne MedTech firm is looking to change all that. NeuralDX claims to have made a breakthrough in the classification of mental health disorders. This new technology could eventually provide patients with more accurate diagnoses, saving billions in treatment per year. Daniel Elison spoke with Dr Roger Edwards, COO of NeuralDX, to discuss this breakthrough new technology.




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