New art exhibition at Artsite Galleries – ‘Uncanny Archives’ by Lisa Carrett

Drive Producer Bella Michie was joined with Sydney based Artist, Lisa Carrett to discuss her new exhibition titled, ‘Uncanny Archives’ making its debut at the Artsite Galleries. Carret’s work investigates how home is inextricably tied to the past and present, as memory informs individual perceptions of place. Carrett explores this concept through paintings as well sculpture, as she hopes to invoke a sense of familiarity through her depictions of classic Australian iconography. Through the use of two mediums, and polarising colour schemes Carrett adds a layer of complexity to the notion of nostalgia, illuminating how individuals can experience a sense of estrangement from places of their past.
The show is being held at the Artsite Galleries until May 30th with tickets available:

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