New music

Andrew Khedoori is back this Monday morning, sharing his wisdom on the newest tunes you want to wake up to.


Up first, he shares a sneak peak on the new album from the increasingly popular Melbourne band – Gold Class! Their new album Drum has songs that are furiously loud, yet also emotionally vulnerable. Their single Get Yours is out this Friday.


Now keeping up the old school vibe, we’ve moved from Melbourne back to Sydney with some new pop from The Nature Strip. Their new album Beetle Bones is a mix of classic, harmony, power-pop style, keeping their sound playful and fun. Beetle Bones is out this week.


Looking overseas, Caroline Says’ 2014 cassette Fifty Million Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong was reissued to CD by Western Vinyl in February. Radiating a warm, fuzzy glow, her new song My Fiance’s Pets has a nice, lo-fi indie folk sound.

Monday 14th of August, 2017

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