New Music with Andrew Khedoori

This week with Andrew Khedoori, we have some remarkable fresh tracks to spice up your Monday morning.

The Orbweavers are back with their new atmospheric album, Deep Leads. Sharing a gothic noir vibe, the incredibly hushed and beautiful vocals are all about buried and hidden things. You’re given a sneak peek of their exquisite new track Poison Garden.

Up next, we turn to Antibalas’ new album Where the Gods are in Peace, following a more political streak. They forge resistance to political grievance and provide a spiritual ambience through the vocals, tapping into an incredible history and showing the change they believe America should take on.

Our last and most unique indie rock band is Deerhoof with their new album Mountain Moves. Using this record to make some change, they are putting their art where their heart with politics. We play their great new record Come Down Here and Say That.

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