New Music with Andrew Khedoori


Andrew Khedoori joins Nic for another week of new music before jetting off the Japan, and kicks off with Madeline Kenney’s ‘Night Night at the First Landing,’ the debut EP from the California-based artist. Andrew picks ‘Big One’ as a standout on a record reminiscent of Japanese Breakfast and Waxahatchee’s dreamy vibe.


Former Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo returns to form with the surreal ‘Electric Trip,’ collaborating with author Jonathan Lethem and artists like Sharon Van Etten to make a ‘Beatles-inspired’ LP.


Finally – and for something a bit different – Andrew brings us ‘MAKANDA at the End of Space, the Beginning of Time,’ a fusion of Congolese rumba and percussive funk from Pierre Kwenders – have a listen to ‘La La Love,’ featuring Kae Sun and Tanyaradzwa.


Monday 18th of September, 2017

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