New Music on 2SER 04.07.22

Welcome to the new music review where we connect you with some of the best new music spinning on Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs.


Johnny Hunter – WANT (Feature Album)
Bas Jan – Baby I know
Lipphead – In the nude
Nathalie Pavlovic – You Can’t Take It When You’re Gone
Neighbor Lady – For the birds
Σtella – Up and Away
Tina and the Hams – Wake the babies
Tv Priest – My Other People
TWÏNS – The Human Jazz


Baudelaires – Parasole
Dodda Rivka – River of stars
e4444e – The Whistler
Emma Donovan – Muurrbay Tree (feat. Deline Briscoe)
Sampa the Great – Never Forget
Simon Sebastian – Refraction
Somnium – Truth set me free
Ty Segall – Don’t Lie


Going into rotation this week on 2SER is a host of fantastic music, including the debut record from local new wave champions Johnny Hunter, WANT. Combining soaring & anthemic vocals that ride on strong waves of melodic guitars and their own unique drive, hitting frequent high points and emotional satisfaction. Whilst couched in a poetic 80s aesthetic, the heart and energy make this stand out on its own, as it addresses self-actualisation and toxic masculinity. Johnny Hunter joined Cameron on the Band Next Door last week to talk about the album

Also straight into the 2SER pool-room is the debut solo album from Nathalie Pavlovic, who is a founding member of Melbourne’s Dianas. Openminded fans of the Dianas will find much to like onYou Can’t Take It When You’re Gone, as it is filled with slowriding and bittersweet indie-folk, with yearning lyrics and a dreamlike sentimentality. Featuring bright guitar-led arrangements, which occasionally dip into abstracted spoken word segments, it’s a well made and interesting  release

Another debut LP, but on a different tangent is the collaborative efforts ofproducers, Blockhead and Eliot Lipp. Together as Blockhead, they combine playful jazz-inflected beatmaking on a hip hop and electro-funk style that uses a sample-based template that is filled with nostalgic lounge and exotica sounds. It’s got that magical sample based sound and highly recommended.

London quartet TV Priest are playing loud across 2SER as well, with a number of tracks off of their recent sophomore album My Other People  on high rotation. The follow up to last years album, The Uppers, it’s recorded big, with powerful guitar-led and politically charged alt-rock with a dystopian bent, that screams with a concert-size energy. The latter half of the album strips back some of the angst and flies into a rhythm-driven set of tunes that really shine.


Also keep an ear out for some select tunes from  based composer Miro Denck, aka Twins, who just dropped his second album The Human Jazz, which features lusciously produced, modulated krautrock and jazz-funk with emotive synthesisers and a laidback vibe. Check out  key tracks such as Peace and A part of it (apart from it).

Also, hitting a sweet spot is the fourth album from Athens-based Σtella (aka Stella Chronopoulou)
Up and away is a radiantly languid album that incorporates elements of Mediterranean and Arabic sounds into it’s groove-based pop arrangements, underpinned by cracking songwriting and jazzy drums.

As well as album drops, there is also some fantastic Australian single releases being played from this week across our Breakfast, Daily and Drive shows. In anticipation of NAIDOC week, Emma Donovan and the Putbacks have released Muurrby Treea song about a connection to her Gumbaynggirr people. Willy Russo from 2SER interviewed Emma Donovan for during the week and you can hear the interview HERE. 

We’re also spinning loud new tracks by none other than Sampa the Great, as well as Newcastle’s folk experimentalist e4444e, Canberran cosmic voyager Simon Sebastian and much more.

Monday 4th of July, 2022

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