New Music on 2SER 05.09.22

Welcome to the new music review where we connect you with some of the best new music spinning on Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs.


Flowertruck – Partly Cloudy (Feature Album)
George Fitzgerald – Stellar Drifting
Kenny Beats – Louie
Ruby Gill – I’m going to die with this frown on my face

The Mountain Goats – Bleed out
Van Goose – Post Truth and Bird Feeders
Zac Denton – Love, Lust, Loss


Beth and Blue – Take it All
Ezra Collective feat Sampa the Great – Life goes on
Full Power Happy Hour – Measurements
RMFC – Access
Salarymen – Young Guns

Second Idol – Dear X
Sven Wunder – Sun Kissed
The Blaxound – Plata O Plomo
The Nethered – The Long Goodbye
The Prize – Easy way out

The feature album this week on 2SER is from local rockers Flowertruck, who on Partly Cloudy deliver up  a no-filler jaunt through sublime garage, that careens along a path of jangly and fuzzy goodness. Recorded in Stanwell Park, on the border of the National Park south of Sydney, it’s oaded with constant warm charm and a distinctive sound, it’s an affirming listen all the way and an excellent record, and playing loud all this week on 2SER.

Also on high rotation are a pile of short and bumping tracks from Kenny Beats, who just did a surprise drop of his debut solo album. Entitled Louie, it’s an impeccably produced collection of hip hop beats  that warp and tweaks soul and jazz samples into a nostalgic pastiche of evocative sounds, combined with rugged drumming. It’s a real head nodder/feelgood album collection from the long-established studio producer and engineer.

A sense of poignance and loss pervades Love, Lust, Loss, which is a collection of unreleased music from  prolific Melbourne singer and instrumentalist, Zac Denton’s, work. Largely stripped back and acoustic, it offers a small slice of a much larger body of work from the member of  Ciggie Witch, Cool Sounds and Ocean Party who sadly passed in 2018, combining heartfelt, stripped back guitar lead songs and instrumentals.

As well, on rotation from today on 107.3, we have the welcome debut album from the Brooklyn solo artist  Van Goose. Entitled Post Truth and Bird Feeders, it’s a wondrous diy trip through far ranging and wonky sounds, covering dub, world music, kraut-rock and disco. Explores problems of modern social media, technology and cyberpunk themes.


George Fitzgerald often combines pulsing electronic sounds combine with an emotive sensibility, and his latest longplayer, Stellar Drifting is no exception. Featuring his usual cinematic production quality and ever-evolving and intersecting melodies, it’s a polished and accomplished electronic album, with guest appearances from Soak and Panda Bear.

Ominously titled and inspired by crime movies of the ’60s through the ’80s, Bleed Out is a scintillating indie folk album, and typically resplendent with sparkling hooks and anthemic songwriting from The Mountian Goats. 

A match made in heaven, Sampa the Great and Ezra Collective combine forces on Life goes on, a new single which features some heavy afro-funk sounds. It has a a strong nod to  Fela Kuti’s “Shakara” in the melodys, as well as ska music in the persistent horns. It’s a great collaborative track, and both have albums out imminently as well.

In a similar vein, the bright and sunny jazz from  Sven Wunder are lighting up the airwaves with the appropriately titled Sun Kissed . Working in a subtle play on the groove of “Tighten up” by Archie Bell and the Drells, it’s a fantastic new cut from the much-loved Swedish producer.


As well, we’re proud to be playing the riff-driven and pulsing punk sounds from locals R.M.F.C, who just dropped a double-sider Access (don’t snooze if you want the 45).  Some more fantastic local music comes in the form of The Long Goodbye,  a spacious avant-jazz and psych release from The Nethered, a new project from Sydney’s Alex Crowfoot (of Ollo).  Finally, the characteristically sweet and dreamy sounds of Salarymen continue with the psychedelia-tinged organ-pop number Young Guns. It’s a top track from the Sydney duo, and you can hear this and much more regularly throughout the day and night on 2SER from now!



Monday 5th of September, 2022

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