New Music on 2SER 09/09/2019

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Sampa The Great – The Return (FEATURE ALBUM)

Frankie Cosmos – Close It Quietly
The Hunter Express – Should Have Come On Sunday
Julia Why? – Hysteria!
Lower Dens – The Competition
Melanie Horsnell – Trobairitz
Mermaidens – Look Me in the Eye
Tinariwen – Amadjar


BLAND – Common Ground
Dead Soft – I Believe You
Hannah Blackburn – Tiny Car
Hollie Cook – Dance in the Sunshine
Kate Teague – Sweetheart

New York’s Lower Dens (real name Jana Hunter) has released their fourth album and it’s introspective nature is heightened by expansive production, soaring vocals and infectious layered melodies. ‘The Competition’ was inspired by Hunter’s family upbringing, as he was one of 8 kids who “bought into a competitive mindset” . They say the album is focused on “socially de-conditioning ourselves and learning how to be people” on a personal as well as political level.

Off the back of their Bigsound shows, New Zealand’s Mermaidens have released ‘Look Me In The Eye’, their most experimental album to date. The record marks a new direction for the Wellington trio, as they are pushing new boundaries and exploring fresh and often confronting sounds. Still upholding aspects of the post punk, these songs are a catchy and uplifting segue to the psyche-soaked pop realm.

And Grammy award winning Tuareg collective Tinariwen have ‘Amadjar’, with this year marking their 17th year of making music together. The nomadic album was recorded under a large tent without headphones or effects. Once recorded, Western artists made their contributions, including violin from Warren Ellis (The Bad Seeds),  and mandolin and charango courtesy of Micah Nelson (son of the country music giant Willie Nelson, and Neil Young’s guitarist). The record reflects on the problems facing the Tuareg community (nomadic people who live across the Sahara desert), including the collapse of infrastructure and public services, through climate change and the ongoing political and military conflict that has dogged the country since it gained independence in 1960.

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