New Music on 2SER 13/09/21

Image: Cameron Lewis

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Matthew E. White – K Bay (FEATURE ALBUM)

Amyl and the Sniffers – Comfort To Me
Jack Ladder and The Dreamlanders – Hijack!
Lady Blackbird – Black Acid Soul
Monnone Alone – Stay Foggy
Parvyn – Sa
Pearl & The Oysters – Flowerland
Toby Martin – I Felt the Valley Lifting

Anna Smyrk – The Excavator
Hand Habits – Aquamarine
North Arms – Bring the Daylight
Penelope Isles – Iced Gems
Tim Shiel, Kaitlin Keegan, and Leah Kardos – Sparrow
Yard Act – The Overload

K Bay, the latest album from Virginia indie rock producer Matthew E White, buzzes with the energy of a weekend-long house party. Written and recorded after getting married, this glam rock record brims with a humour and joy that you hear in the band’s musicianship – sometimes literally, as cheers and laughter often open and close tracks. A riotous celebration of life and love, K Bay is White’s best record yet.

Amyl & the Sniffers aren’t interested in reinventing punk music, but there’s an excitement and power to their music that sounds undeniably fresh and vital. Comfort to Me, their second album, is an furious and feminist punk album about getting magotted and finding love in the pub. The riffs are huge, the vocals are loud, and the mullets are long – this is Australian punk rock at its best.

After making her name as the lead singer of Melbourne’s Bombay Royale, Parvyn has released her debut album Sa. Working with producers Joelistics and Max Dowling, Parvyn mixes traditional Sikh music with trip-hop beats and R&B melodies, creating a pop sound that evokes the eclecticism of ’90s Massive Attack and ’00s Timbaland. A truly exciting and innovative work.

Monday 13th of September, 2021

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