New Music on 2SER 15/11/21

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Courtney Barnett – Things take time, take time (FEATURE ALBUM)

Alifchief – Nusantarafrika
Nation of Language – A Way Forward
Richard Cuthbert – Daydreaming
Ruby Jones – The Woman Who Loves You
The Washing Line Economy – Chris Bonnet


Hector Morlet – Surprise
Ibibio Sound Machine – Electricity
Ovlov – Eat more
Salarymen – All In Vain
Scruffs feat Savage Girl – Wonderful Day
Simon Robert Gibson – Salvation
Logic 1000 – What you like feat. Big Ever


A fresh blast of infectious funk out of Uganda, Alifchief‘s debut album is a fusion of Southeast Asian and African musicality, mixed with classic rock and blues influences. Big servings of fuzz guitar, drums breaks and raw energy feature prominently on the excellent “Buzz like flies”, plus choice cuts on a lower groovier tempo such as “Night and Day” and “Morning Mist”.  Originally from Brunei, Alif has followed a musical path across Europe and Africa to develop this sound, and it really is worth a listen. Nusantafrica is out now via East African Records.



Another debut album, but this time from closer to home. Melbourne’s Ruby Jones has been teasing this one for a few years, via singles “Make it out” and the recent title track “Woman who loves you”. It hits strikingly dark point at times, wrestling with issues such as depression and addiction and domestic violence. Produced by the group’s guitarist Jules Pascoe (Husky, On Diamond, JAZZPARTY), and recorded on a trusty 8 track Tascam 38, the full length is finally here, featuring poignant vocals and traditional rock instrumentation fused with a washed out and sometimes psychedelic edge. Out now on Future Popes.



A real gift for fans of Depeche Mode and Cluster. The second album from Brooklyn-based Nation of Language is a stripped back and often stark synth-pop feast, melded with spacious krautrock-styled experimentation. This album draws heavily on the electronics of the 70s and 80s, reimagined with a modern context. Riding on locomotive-style rhythms, and melodies both uplifting and melancholy, this is a beautifully produced and executed album. Out now in Australia via [PIAS].




Wednesday 17th of November, 2021

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