New Music on 2SER 25.2.22

Welcome to the new music review where we connect you with some of the best new music spinning on Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs.


Ben Salter – Twenty-one words for happiness  (Feature Album)
Cheer Accident – Here Comes The Sunset
Christopher Coleman – The Great Tasmanian Escape
Frollen Music Library – Home Alone
Hurray for the Riff Raff – Life on Earth
Khruangbin and Leon Bridges – Texas Moon
King Hannah – I’m not Sorry, I was just being me
Shy Bits – Body Lotion
Swamp Dogg – I Need a Job… So I Can Buy More Auto-Tune
The Delines – The Sea Drift


Dekker – Supposed to be a friend
Flowertruck – Crying Shame
Hector Morlet – Party
Logic1000 – Can’t stop thinking about
Mdou Moctar – Nakanegh Dich
Peter Matson – Call and Answer (feat Ibibio Sound Machine)
Sly Johnson – Trust Me
The Black Tones – The end of everything
Tom Caruana – Planets Realigned feat. Jehst
Widowspeak – The Jacket




Hobart-based  singer/songwriter Ben Salter has just released his eighth album 21 songs about happiness recorded as part of the import/export exhibition (a real recording studio as an artpiece) at MONA during 2021. In this, he adopted the technique of limiting songs to a maximum of 90 seconds. The feature album on 2SER this week, it is a beautiful and endearing indie/folk album. And despite the time limit (a rule he breaks occasionally), there is much depth to this as it is. Steeped in poetic, unassuming lyrics and direct to the point songwriting. Listened in it’s entirety,  the bite size missives on life and the search for happiness (a source of friction for the artist) cumulatively build and it’s a high quality release.


Texans Khruangbin and Leon Bridges (Fort Worth and Houston respectively) have just combined their considerable musical resources to put out their Texas Moon EP. Short but very  welcome, butter-like lowrider soul compositions collide psych-funk tinged musicianship. A surefire winner for fans of these two individually.


Chicago stalwarts Cheer Accident have just dropped their latest, and incidentally their 25th album, Here Comes the Sunset. It’s a diverse array of irreverent and tongue-in-cheek sounds, taking in prog rock, jazz and euro dance. Keeping in the US, but heading south, New Orleans based Hurray for the riff raff new one is Bronx-Born, New Orleans is laden with cathartic folk-country and “nature-punk” songs. Recorded throughout lockdwon, there is a fixation on the collapse of the world around, while occasionally punctuated by brighter pop sortie’s.


Tight cinematic jazz-funk, eerie organ interludes and snappy drums characterise the latest from Melbourne/Naarm’s Frollen Music Library.  Featuring members of Karate Boogaloo, it is a tribute to the golden age of cosmic funk and the library music genre: music that was recorded by session musicians as content for tv/radio (primarily from the fifties to the nineties), many of which later became desirable for record collectors and producers looking for samples. It’s called Home alone and highly recommended.



Also playing on 2SER from today, the Hector Morlet’s latest, Party…ahaha. The follow up to one of our favourites this summer (entitled Surprise), it’s an equally cheerful and catchy pop/disco outing out of Perth. Sydney-now-London-based Logic1000 has dropped a new one  Can’t stop thinking about , a great club track with a strong 90s New York sound. We also have the latest from Sly Johnson, Trust me, a top shelf neo-soul tune out now on BBE, beat driven hip-hop from the UK’s Tom Caruana, and some frenetic indie-rock from Flowertruck. There’s lot’s more new music going into rotation throughout Breakfast, Drive and the Daily on 2SER.















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