New Music on 2SER 26/08/2019

Welcome to the new music review where we connect you with some of the best new music from around the world. You can catch a snippet each Monday morning on Breakfast, or listen back here.


Shannon Lay – August (FEATURE ALBUM)

Broads – Stay Connected
Dreamin’ Wild – Heaven In Thirty Eleven90
Jay Som – Anak Ko
Joyero – Release The Dogs
Sheer Mag –  A Distant Call
Sunscreen – Falling In An Elevator EP
Tropical Fuck Storm – Braindrops


Ainsley Farrell – Dark Spell
Hovvdy – Cathedral
Omni – Sincerely Yours
Poppongene – Eternally Alone
Youth Group – Cusp

Melbourne outfit Tropical Fuck Storm have released their second album ‘Braindrops’. There was nothing standard or predictable on their 2018 debut, and we continue to see that with this follow up. With intricate guitar work, yearning vocals, and melodies that change lanes quickly, these songs are organised chaos at it’s finest, and a gloriously, ragged and disheveled piece of work.

Indie duo Broads new album ‘Stay Connected’ is a dreamy collection of 60’s inspired pop and folk. Self produced, both Kelly Day and Jane Hendry have flexed their artistic muscles on this one, exploring ideas of social media, family and romance in a highly measured way, and providing meaningful commentary on the human condition. The album is hauntingly beautiful, evocative and expansive, not to be missed.

Out of Philadelphia, the American band Sheer Mag have released their sophomore album ‘A Distant Call’ which gives a huge nod to punk, rock and power pop from the 70s/80s. It’s sleek and glam, yet hard hitting with muscular melodies, and the unrelenting vocals of lead singer Christina Halliday, shines brightly, front and centre.

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