New Music on 2SER 30.09.22

Welcome to the new music review where we connect you with some of the best new music spinning on our Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs.


Vieux Farka Toure et Khruangbin – Ali  *Feature Album
Bjork – Fossora
Black Jesus eXperience – Good Evening Black Buddha
E4444e – I spend all day drawing a circle
Free Time – Jangle Jargon
Fujiaya and Miyagi – Slight Variations
Makaya McCraven – In these times
Sofie Royer – Harlequin
Sonny Ism – Clock without hands
Tigris – UTRY
Uplifting bell ends – Super Giant IV


Cate Le Bon – Typical Love
Double vision – The Streets
Folk Bitch Trio – Lost
Key out – Drive
Kindsight – Love you baby all the time
Marinero – Ixchel and Lonely Girl
No Zu – Liquid Love
Sunbeam Sound Machine – Paradise
The Allergies – Hypnotise
The High Kicks – Delicatessen Expedition
Younger than Me – Robo Mash

So much amazing new releases to dive into this week on 2SER, including Ali, the collaborative album between Texan psychedelic funk trio Khruangbin and celebrated Malian guitarist Vieux Farka Touré .

A tribute to Vieux’s late father, Ali Farka Toure, it’s a thick-grooved and evocative jazz album, with a strong influence of multilayered Western African styles, and a heavy-hitting musical trip, experimental yet familiar, endlessly evocative and in the zone, and flawlessly produced.

In a similar vein is the sophomore from Naarm’s Black Jesus eXperience, fronted by vocalist Enushu Taye, Good Evening Black Buddha. A follow up to their 2020 to know without knowing” album with Mulatu Astatke, it’s a cross-pollinations of mystical, poetic hip hop, funk, and ethiopian jazz performed in both English and Amharic.

As well is Super Giant IV, by The Uplifting Bell Ends, rife with sunny vibes throughout, on an upbeat and fun pastoral psych rock and country sound at the outset, that gives way to blunted out orchestral and banjo arrangements by it’s end. It’s a fine album on iconic Sydney label Third Eye Stimuli.

Dropping this week and lighting up the day is the third from Newcastle hard to definie experimentalist, Romy Church aka e4444e, (aka e4). It’s a complete listening experience, going through explorative and abstracted surf sounds f , recorded on the central coast. Gentle and evocative songs float tidally on an album that frequently dives into field recordings and spacious effected soundscapes. A wondrous record that deserves to be dived into, and relistend to.

Also on rotation is the debut from the Tel Aviv 5- piece Tigris. Entitled UTRY, it’s a jaunt through ipped out upbeat psychedelic Middle Eastern and African fusion instrumentals with a freewheeling and effusive energy throughout. A long-performing group, this is their first full LP and out now on Raw Tapes

The third studio album from Melbourne’s Sonny Ism just dropped and it’s a fantastic, slick electronic album with a dancefloor focus, that meshes crisp drum production, wondrous synthesiser melodies and field recordings into a warm uplifting and beautiful listen. Out now on Northern Underground.

As well, much loved Eora duo Key Out have an their upcoming album (AFTERVILLE) due in October. Drive, the final single off that is a mid-tempo tune utilising 80s FM synthesis and detuned indie guitars, acoustic and electronic instruments.

As well, we have new music from new local duo, Younger than Me, L.A’s Sofie Royer’s latest album, Harlequin on Stones Throw, awesome pop-inflected sounds from Double Vision, Cate Le Bon, The Allergies and Sunbeam Sound Machine.


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