New Music on 2SER (AUGUST 7, 2023)

Read on for all the new music hitting your 2SER airwaves over the coming week across your 2SER Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs:


Alice Does Computer Music – Shoegaze 5G (OS)
Alifchief – Eh Banange! EP (OS)
Georgia – Euphoric (OS)
Grievous Bodily Calm – Cascades EP (AU)
Maggie Tra – Very Vui (L)
Rocky – Rocky LP (AU)
Scotopic – Adapt to Darkness (AU)
SEJA – Here is one I know you know (AU)
The Pleasures – The Beginning of the End (AU)


Animal Collective – Soul Capturer (OS)
Allegra Neve – Rewind (L)
Dick Dudley – Salt (L)
Fallon Crush – Hang on to me (L)
Jaakko Eino Kalevi – I forget (OS)
June Jones – Good Girl (AU)
Sunny Luwe – I got a thing for you (AU)
The Boy Of Many Colors – Take me back (L)
The Brights – Waiting (L)
The Sindecut & Ijeoma – Lucky (OS)


First up we have the feature album of the week, “Here is One I Know You Know”  from SEJA. The third LP from the Brisbane/Meanjin-based multi-instrumentalist Seja Vogel is a beautiful dream-pop project recorded solely by Seja in her home studio. “Here is One I Know You Know” serves as a homage to the sounds of classic synthesizers and drum machines from the golden-age of dance-pop. Vogel’s analogue-driven approach to the recording and production of the album allows it to masterfully blend pulsating psychedelic tracks like “Home” with swirling, celestial dream pop soundscapes.


Looking overseas now we have the new afro-funk EP “Eh Benange!” from Bruneian artist Alifchief, following up from his 2021 release “Nusantarafrika”. Alif is a world-travelling guitarist, now based out of Paris, and his guitar-work is featured in “Eh Benange!” with his gritty and blistering lead guitar tones highlighting the EP. The project is heavily influenced by Zamrock and blues rhythms and features Alif’s blend of Malay and English lyricism, a perfect combination for this groovy five-track EP.


The illustrious jazz-fusion quintet Grievous Bodily Calm release their incredible new EP “Cascades”. The Boorloo/Perth jazz collective’s new project features seven songs connected by the unifying concept of water as both a representational and metaphorical device. “Cascades” is jam-packed with exciting electronic melodic ideas and synth-fuelled jams accompanied by its tight energetic drums. The EP takes the listener on a unique journey, exploring a wide range of musical motifs and influences like the woozy underwater detuned synthesisers and electric pianos on the title track. Any fans of acts like Mild Life and Surprise Chef have to listen to this one!


The debut self-titled album “Rocky” from new recording project Rocky has also been added to 2SER’s rotation this week. This is a minimalist post-punk project from Xanthe Waite and Raven Mahon featuring a blend of lo-fi live drums and drum machines along with jangly lead electric guitars. Rocky create a growing sense of unease and quiet melancholy throughout the album, pulling the unnatural arrangement of sounds into a cohesive and holistic project leaving us excited for what’s next to come from the group.


Eora/Sydney-based electronic music producer Maggie Tra releases her second studio album “Veri Vui” which is laced with musical and cultural influences from her Vietnamese ancestry. Following the release of her teaser single “‘Saigon Ơi’”, Maggie’s new release showcases an incredible blend of traditional Vietnamese melodies and instruments with modern production and features field recordings of conversations and surroundings from her recent visit from Vietnam. The album is set to be released on Maggie’s label, SYS Sister Sounds, which showcases music from Asian female and non-binary music producers around the world.

Finally, we saw some incredible new single releases from the likes of Animal Collective with their washy dreamy track “Soul Capturer”, as well as new singles from The Brights and Jaakko Eino Kalevi.

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