New Music on 2SER February 27, 2023

Catch up on all the new music hitting your 2SER airwaves this week across our Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs:


Miss Grit – Follow the Cyborg (OS)
Blue Yonder – Wise Blood (OS)

Charlie Needs Braces – Saltwater People (AU)
DAMEFRISØR – Island of Light (OS)
Echo Omen – New Moon, Ancient Eye (AU)
Eternal Dust – Spiritual Healers, Defence Lawyers (L)
Gina Birch – I play my bass loud (OS)
Joanie – Neurotica (OS)
Meemo Comma – Loverboy (OS)
Mem_Mods – Mem_Mods Vol 1 (OS)
Summer Flake – One less thing (AU)


Babaganouj -Stay Up For Me (AU)
Body Type – Miss the world (L)
Dust – Ward 52 (L)
Frankie Rose – Come Back (OS)
Madison McFerrin – Please don’t leave me now (OS)
Marcus Index – Aeon (L)
Men I Trust – Ring of past (OS)
Motrik – KOAN (OS)
Nead next door – Prophet (L)
RVG – Nothing really changes (AU)
Sunder – Half Light (L)
The Golden Gaytimes – Hot as buggery (L)

(L)Local, (Au)Australia, (OS) Overseas

Bored with your current Spotify playlists and need some new tunes? Look no further than this week’s new rotation adds. Catch these tracks across Daily, Drive and Breakfast programs. 

This week’s feature album here at 2ser is the hot new debut from Brooklyn solo artist Margaret Sohn called Miss Grit. For fans of Mitski and Japanese Breakfast, this album draws its name from an essay by esteemed author Jia Tolentino. The tight drum arrangements maintain somewhat of a robotic edge to an art-pop and rock album. Sticking to this robotic sound, the album explores themes of AI self-awareness and parallels them with the search for one’s own identity while still embracing fluidity. Featuring guests Stella Mozgawa and Aron Kobayashi, this is an album you don’t want to miss. Check out the full album write-up here.

Another hot debut is being added to rotation this week from NYC 5 piece, Blue Yonder. The alt-folk debut, Wise Blood is full of passionate, smoky and intimate songs coupled with strong vocal performance and exceptional arrangements, this is a must for all fans of Big Thief and Cat Power. 

A week full of hot debuts here, with the debut from Bristol group, DAMEFRISØR. Titled Island of light, the somewhat Joy Division-sounding album is full of big shoegaze sounds which leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Fresh out of WA, there was a hot new debut from producer, Matthew Bracknell under the name Echo Omen. Titled New Moon, Ancient Eye, this lyrically complex album forms a narrative for a search for self and belonging. These lyrics are then masterfully spread across a music scape of folktronica, ambient and experimental beat-making. If you’re a fan of the Nethered, Kalaju and e444e, this is right up your alley.

For fans of Nasaya, U-Ziq and Autechre, the third album Loverboy from Brighton-based producer, Meemo Comma is right up your alley. Full of broken beats and jungle sounds, the album has somewhat of a hypnotic quality that descends into bit-crushed, glitched technology. Highly reminiscent of 90’s rave-era electronica, this album is one to get bodies moving.

Sydney outfit Eternal Dust has put out their debut, Spiritual Healers, Defence Lawyers. The complex combination of dream-pop, art-rock, goth and post-punk results in a hazy and ethereal texture that hooks listeners in and keeps them close. This is an album you don’t want to miss.

Gina Birch is back with her third solo album, I play my bass loud. A masterful combination of post-punk, dancehall and disco beats then undercut by noisy guitars and vocal overdubs. This twisted but cool combination provides a new and distinct sound that is reminiscent of acts like Bas Jan and Nina Hagen.

For fans of Syzergy, Buzz Kull and Automatic, the new debut from London-based solo artist Joanie is for you. Her new album Neurotica is a glittery disco-pop album full of dark throbbing energy and catchy hooks.

Mem_mods also released their debut album, Mem_mods vol 1. This supreme groove-based instrumental funk album explores spacious soundscapes and tripped-out territory. This album was amazingly constructed over email and using the Marco Polo app. The album is a collaboration between Steve Selvidge from The Hold Steady, Luther Dickinson of North Mississippi AllStars, and saxophonist Paul Taylor, as well as horns by Marc Franklin and Art Edmaiston (Wu-Tang Clan, Don Bryant, Solomon Burke). 

Summer Flake is a naarm-based trio that has just released their fourth album, One Less Thing. The lo-fi rock record slowly reveals itself to listeners, shifting between slower, pensive tracks and then transitioning into higher energy pop tracks. This exceptional lo-fi rock record is one to keep an ear out for on the airwaves this week.


There were also a number of hot new singles added into rotation this week!

Men I Trust recently put out their newest single, Ring of Past. Ahead of their sold-out Australian tour in March, Men I Trust has taken the world by storm with their ethereal soft indie tracks, and this song fits right into their already incredible discography, truly solidifying their own distinct sound. If they’re not on your radar already, jump on it. 

There were also a number of singles from local artists this week, with Miss the World by Body Type, Ward 52 by Dust, Aeon by Marcus Index, Hot as Buggery by The Golden Gaytimes and Prophet by Nead next door. These tracks are all testaments to the magic pf home-grown music. Camden-based band Sunder is also being added into the rotation this week with their new track, Half Light. Their distinct indie rock and shoe-gaze sound is one to really keep an ear out for this week.

Heading out of Sydney, there were a number of new adds from all around Australia, with the new single Nothing really changes from naarm based band RVG and the recent single from indie-rock band Babaganouj, called Stay Up For Me.

Heading to international waters, Frankie Rose is being added to the airwaves this week with her newest single, Come Back, and Madison McFerrin’s emotional new single, Please don’t leave me now. Finally, the new track from Motrik titled KOAN is being spun this week.

As usual, there are some incredible tracks being added into the rotation this week. Keep a keen ear out, and maybe you’ll discover your new favourite song.


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