New Music on 2SER March 13 2023

Read on for all the new music hitting your 2SER airwaves this week across our Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs:


Summer Flake – One Less Thing (AU) Feature Album
30/70 – Art Make Love (AU)
Confusions – Muck of Morale (OS)
Fever Ray – Radical Romantics (OS)
Frankie Rose – Love as Projection (OS)
Isolde Larsoen – Oh dear (OS)
Joelistics x Komang x Gamelan DanAnda – Saudara EP (AU)
MFV – Buckshot Days EP (L)
The Golden Gaytimes – Hot as Buggery (L)


Arlo Parks – Impurities (OS)
Daughter – Swim Back (OS)
Fontaines D.C – Cello Song (OS)
Lachlan Denton – You (AU)
Marigolden – Mars (AU)
Nabihah Iqbal – ‘This World Couldn’t See Us (OS)
Roisin Murphy – CooCool (OS)
Simon Sebastian – Antigravity (AU)
Stellar Sea – Build a wall (AU)
Terry – Gronks (AU)
The Bamboos – Midlife Glow feat Ozay Moore (AU)
The Reds, Pinks and Purples – The town that cursed your name (OS)
Yaya Bey – On the Pisces Moon (OS)
(L)Local, (Au)Australia, (OS) Overseas


A huge week of new music coming your way from both home and abroad.

Leading the way is our Feature Album this week from Summer Flake. “One Less Thing” is the recently released fourth LP from the Naarm-based trio fronted by Steph Crase, that combines rich guitar harmonies with often ethereal lyrics into a crisply arranged jangle-pop record that revels in shifting gears between it’s slower ethereal jams, before taking full flight on it’s bass-heavy upbeat cuts. It’s a fine one from a group hitting further heights of songwriting prowess.

We’re also blessed with the debut album from one of Maitland’s finest, The Golden Gaytimes, who were originally formed as a covers band called “The Get Rich Quick Scheme” and fronted by Jane ‘Jane-O’ Harvey. Lead single “I’m tempted” has been a firm favourite on 2SER for it’s witty lyrics, and the full album”Hot as Buggery” is a rough and tumble punk rock collection built on great riffs, heady grooves and a strong sense of fun and irreverence, drawing on observations of  Australian suburban life in summer, with mountains of charm and energy.



Shifting into the more soulful, the fifth studio album from  Naarm-based Jazz collective informal supergroup 30/70 has landed. It’s another exceptional dose of  vibrant jazz-funk and nu-soul that cross-pollinates electronic and live production into a cohesive statement on the necessity of art.

Also newly released is a fantastic collaborative EP between Joelistics, Komand and Melbourne’s Gamelan DanAnda orchestra. Entitled Suadara, it melds traditional gamelan and electronic beats, chopped up gong samples and soulful lyrics exploring Komang’s Balinese heritage into an excellent (and spooky) listen.

Further abroad, a real hit here is the sophomore album from Belgian drummer Isolde Lasoen.
“Oh Dear” is a fantastic collection of moody euro-pop and jazz which is rooted in a classic French and Belgian style, sung in English, French and Dutch.Guitar, strings, piano and vibraphone meld perfectly and lend alot of melodic and emotive texture  on this record that has a constant cinematic quality before shifting into some excellent psych sounds towards the end (keep an ear out for  out “Batterie”).

Taking a stranger direction, the second album from the Ohio based producer Ben Turner is a whacked out and strange psych record that uses taut guitar loops, sampling, degrading effects and tripped out melodies to craft an unsettling yet mesmerising trip across experimental pop ephemera, and you can hear select cuts from it across the day on 107.3fm and online.


The long-awaited third Studio album from Fever Ray has landed this week. The follow-up to 2017’s Plunge, Karin Dreijer goes deeper into their dark mechanical take on pop, with powerful sweeping melodies and  intense  sonics coalescing around shapeshifting lyrics.

Fans of Molly Nilsson, Beach House and Kate Bush are for a treat with the lastest from Frankie Rose. “Love as a projection” brings lush synth-pop with swirling electronic melodies, propulsive gated drums and a sound that is as anthemic as it is hypnotic.

Arriving all the way from Arrente country in central desert NT is the debut single from The Stellar Sea – “Build a wall”. It’s a fierce punk track from the group who are currently on tour with a date coming up here in Sydney on March 18.

Core Ocean Party/Ciggie Witch/Partner Look et al et al member Lachlan Denton has teased his upcoming solo album (due April) with “You” a song about “finding solace in the one you love, at a time when environmental disaster and hyper capitalism paints a grim picture of our future”.

As well, we have new singles from Roisin Murphy, Arlo Parks, Nabihah Iqbal, Fontaines D.C and much more to wrap your ears around. Viva la music.

Tune in for all this  hitting your airwaves this week on 2SER 107.3!


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