New Music on 2SER (March 6 2023)

Read on for all the latest music hitting your 2SER airwaves this week across our Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs:


Jen Cloher – I am the river, the river is me (AU) Feature Album
Amanda Brown – Eight Guitars (AU)
Billie Eternal and the Jetcats – S/T (L)
En Attendant Ana – Principia (OS)
Lahgo – Chasing the City EP (L)
Marcus Index – Private Music (L)
Tagua Tagua – Tanto (OS)
Tanukichan – Gizmo (OS)
U.S Girls – Bless this mess (OS)


Bones and Jones – I’ve got a voice (AU)
End Scene – New (L)
Nick Marks – Ride the Dragon (AU)
Party Dozen – Earthly Times (Bill Woods Remix) (L)
Ripple Effect Band – Walaya (AU)
Seja – Home (AU)
The Holy Soul – High (L)
The Morning Star – Shimmer with Hope (L)
Velvet Trip – Moving on (AU)
(L)Local, (Au)Australia, (OS) Overseas


First off we have this weeks feature album I am the river, the river is me by Naarm-based singer songwriter and guitarist Jen Cloher. Sung in a combination of English and Maori, this album is filled with uplifting folk-rock songs that dive into deeply personal themes of identity, loss, history, and connection. The musical texture of the album reflects the existential themes of humanity and connectedness. A truely reflective album that does not come at the cost of the musical experience.

Next up is the debut album Billie Eternal and the Jetcats by northern beaches three-piece Billie Eternal. This album takes you on a journey from acoustic pop, to low-key psychedelic grooves, to punchy garage rock. If you’re a fan of Crocodylus, These New South Wales, Pixies, or Pavement then definitely give these guys a listen. AND they even have their own VIDEO GAME!

Parisian quintet En Attendent Ana have released their third studio album Principia. This charming, sparkling, and at times punkish indie pop album will have you instantly hooked with their sweet harmonies and catchy riffs. Their use of a wide range of instruments greatly increases the tone colour of the album, with fuzzy synths, plucky/punchy bass lines, and even saxophones and trumpets at times this album is a lesson in the potential of songwriting. Fans of The Velvet Underground, The Cranberries, Stereolab and Kit Sebastian will love this album!

Local band Lahgo has released their debut EP Chasing The City. Mel Bailey’s soul-inflected and smoky vocals give way to upbeat rock tracks on this tight and lyrically engaging EP that’ll have you head banging in no time. These are the type of songs that you think are already popular when you first hear them! Get in quick with these guys so you can tell all your friends you knew them before they hit off!

Impressive new local single Earthly Times by duo Party Dozen featuring Billie Dozen will have you next level grooving with its grimy bass line, hypnotic rhythms, cinematic strings, and free flowing 90’s style rap from Billie Dozen. If I were to suggest listening to only one single from this weeks extensive (and incredibly fire) new music list I would suggest this one. For fans of MF Doom and Fatboy Slim.

There are plenty more new albums and singles for you to check out (listed above) if you are still hungry for more! Check them out or keep listening to 2SER to hear them on the air this week!


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