New Music on 2SER October 30, 2023!

Read on for all the new music hitting your 2SER airwaves over the coming week across your 2SER Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs:


Carla Geneve – Hertz (AU)
DJ Shadow – Action Adventure (OS)
Fig – No need to rest (L)
Hector Morlet – The Variety Show (AU)
Lewis Coleman – Offline (AU)
Souleance – Beautiful (OS)
The Boy of Many Colors – The Boy of Many Colors (L)
Viji – So Vanilla (OS)


Beryl – Paint the walls (L)
Dominic Breen – The Pits (L)
Hot Apple Band – Changing (L)
Kurt Vile – Another good year for the roses (OS)
Monstress – Heather’s Diary (L)
Perry Keyes – Walking at midnight through the lot (L)
Rona – Aperleye (AU)
Rose Parker – Blood on the water (AU)
Shady Nasty – Hardstyle (L)
Victoria – Rushing Bull
Yirinda – Thurum Voi (AU)

*Are you a musician or producer and looking to have your music played on 2SER? We’d love to hear from you.
Please send it through to with a downloadable link (in wav or 320 mp3 format). Be sure to include the release date, your location and any bio, epk links!

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