NEW MUSIC with Steph Liong

Steph Liong is back to take us through this weeks latest tracks you should know!

Legendary Sudanese jazz artist Kamal Keila has released a reissue of his album “Muslims and Christians”. The album was discovered on old tape recordings found in a shed outside Keila’s house in Sudan, and were destroyed after the first digitised playback. It’s very lucky we have these recordings! Take a listen to “Agriculture Revolution”.

New York-based ‘art rock’ band Bodega has released their new album“Witness Scroll”. A self-deprecating album of sharp witted humour and confessional narrative storytelling, the band explores issues and themes in pop culture and the world. Influenced by post-punk sounds, take a listen to “Jack in Titanic”, a tribute to all the famous Jack’s in cinema and music.

Indie-folk trio The Innocence Mission have returned with their thirteenth studio album “Sun on the Square”. This album takes a folk-pop approach, featuring sweeping string arrangements, horns and reverberating piano melodies. The moving/emotional lyrics and tone of lead singer Karen Peris carries the message of bringing kindness into a world of hate. Featured is their latest single “Buildings in Flower”.

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