New Music with Steph Liong

Steph Liong is back delivering the goods with the new music for the week.

Starting off with a fun track to get you up and moving on a Monday morning is Harouna Samake, a longtime player of the kamale ngoni (a west-African rhythm harp) who is out with his debut album Kamale blues. The album is groovy and cheerful with an ageless feel to the music – this one’s called “Try voice”.

Then onto something a little closer to home with Melbourne band Cash Savage and The Last Drinks. Lead singer Cash wrote this 4th album Good Citizen against the backdrop of the postal plebiscite, so it has a distinct reflective stance on the impact it had on her community. Check out this song “Collapse”.

Rounding off New Music with Chicago rapper Fatimah Warner, who is otherwise known as Noname. Renowned for her 2016 album Telephone, and the use of slam poetry in her hip-hop and soul infused tracks, this album Room 25 is bound to be as successful as the last. Take a listen to “Regal”.


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