New Music with Steph Liong

We’ve got more new music to kick off your week!

Starting off with new album from Sydney songwriter Perry Keys – growing up in the public housing around Redfern and Waterloo, it doesn’t get more local than this. The impetus for the album Jim Salmon’s Lament was his father’s passing about three years ago, and shows his personal but universal touch through his reflective tones on childhood and family. This one’s called “Girl in the Crystal Cylinder Hoodie”.

Then onto an international talent with Philadelphia punk band Swearin’. This album Fall into the Sun is their first in five years and looks at the themes of mortality, fear, loneliness and anxiety.  It comes from a place of learning and has a laid back vibe paired with the stop start stutter motion that defined a lot of 90’s rock. Check out this song “Smoke or Steam”.

Ending back on local shores with the debut album of eccentric Melbourne pop maestro Gregor. Titled Silver Drop it’s a spacious and delicate record, and if you’re into the likes of Arthur Russell and Talking Heads, this one’s definitely for you. Take a listen to “This Heat”.


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